From dream to reality.

In The Netherlands the solution could be in two ways. The first option would be running for the election of National Parlement and trying to get a majority there. At least an opening and getting national attention and so creating awareness. Some ideas can conquer the world. If that is the case it can also win the battle with politics. The natural enemy of citizens assemblies. This also the other way around.

To get back to the situation in The Netherlands and entering elections. There are some conditions you have to follow and meet.

  1. You have to establish an association and registered at the Chamber Of Commerce
  2. Declarations Of Support, with a minimum of thirty, are needed in the several constituencies.
  3. A fee of a small 12.000 euro needs to be payed.

The first step is fairly easy and now finished.

The third step is a costly one. Probably crowdfunding can help here. If needs be I will do it personally.

The second step is the most difficult one. You have 14 days of time to arrange these declarations of candidature. This is a short and challenging period. This can not be realized without people and so your help. You do not have to agree with my ideas but only the will to give my idea a fair chance. Let love for people and this world guide you.

The second option would be that the world and therefore the world of politics fall into chaos and revolution. Those times always need a plan that can bring peace and light back to the people. Then the ideas of ED and CIA have the promise of just bringing that.