Direct Democracy

The only and real democracy us a direct one. For the people by the people. With Citizens Assemblies this is possible. They will need a full mandate. Like a mandate to establish laws. Politics, for sofar it still exists, can not overrule it. Wise man can advise in the selected panels but not block it. A confirmation, via a proper established referendum, for a signature from the people is a possibility.

The design of a Citizens Assembly and their raised Panels is not yet fully determined but should suffice to the following. A fair amount of random sorted citizens. A good reflection from the several levels within the society. For advising the panels. A number of indepented scientists on the field of the involved subject. A number of experts with experience in the field. Some coaches who can manage the proces in a good way and have general expertise on the already existing laws. There will be time to make a well deliberated advice and if needs be a law. The people involved will be payed and their employer has the obligation to give this people a temporary leave.

Who has the possibility to adres a specific subject or theme to the established Citizens Assembly? This is very different from the current way politics handles the situation. They make a coalition agreement and hold to that together with some other strange government negotiations.

Most important is that citizens can organize this themselves. The way to do this is give petitions their natural strength. With a fair threshold all petitions will taken into counseling.

The Citizens Assembly will have to look into the subject from the petition and will give a reaction and or answer to the petition. If the subject is really difficult the Assembly will create a new Panel in order to solve the addressed problem.

The judiciary can run into problems and if that is repeatedly the citizens assembly has to look into these matters. Laws made by the citizens assembly will monitored on a yearly basis so that they will be actual.

The mindset should be one that brings peace, vision and honesty for the long term and for everyone. All for one. One for all.