ED., earth(ly) dividend.

Livelihoods is actually a by nature given thing. The earth has enough resources to give the world and all habitants living on it enough to have a good life. For the current generation and all future ones. Nature can feed all it habitants provided that we have and show respect and treat it in the right way. The economical model what will do that in a proper way justifies livelihoods in the form of an Earth(ly) Dividend, it also sometimes is named as unconditional basic income, because it is given by this earth to everybody and from all generations.

The Earth(ly) Dividend, from now on called ED, will guarantee for everybody a fair and calm existence. No stress and insecurity but piece and trust to create your life as you want it. If this love is given by society we can finally start with what we call civilization.

The list with advantages that our friend ED will bring is numerous. Ask me a question and I can bring it all back to ED. Really.

ED is also personal and for everybody. It will give you the opportunity to develop yourself without making debts. There is no reason for you to adapt yourself to companies. The companies will have to adapt to us. Relationships are with ED always on the basis of equivalence. Children can look free and open minded into the world. A quieter life with no stress will provide you with an healthier body and their advantages. The mind will have time to think about all kinds of things. We will become more creative. The burden of fear and uncertainty is finally disappeared. We can talk and meet without feeling inferior.

What would you like to do? What can we achieve together? With ED the whole world is beautiful and beautiful to everyone.