In English.

With pleasure I would like you to explain how we can regain our real freedom. There are two simple steps we need to make.

Firstly there must be certainty for everybody. Sufficient means of existance for everyone that will be coming from all of us as collective. It means that we will share the fruits that the earth brings in a fair way between everyone. For the current generation and all the ones that will follow. See it as a dividend form the earth. An Earth(ly) Dividend. In short ED and a friend for everyone.

Secondly there needs to be a direct democracy. It is also the only form of democracy. All other forms are unsuited and underdone to create a human civilization. Further requirements are temporality and drawing by lot. The right way to create this is via Citizens Assembly. For more information you can go to and councel the page Direct Democracy.

This movement has as its goal to abolish the political system with its politicians and to replace it with Citizens Assemblies. There are three kinds of possibilities or scenario’s to make this happen. These possibilities or scenario’s are being explained and sketched on the page From Dream To Reality. Every country or continent can make it happen in one of those three described ways.

In this way people will put themselves in their strength and in the centre. The rest is a logical consequence from it. It will bring a development in motion that moves to a honest and peaceful civilization.

Please read the other pages for more information. Would you like to cooperate and talk then please join on Telegram, via:, our group The Second Wind. See you there.

To realize our vision in this world it is need to have financial support. A donation via the below link from Why Donate is greatly appreciated. But please do so on a “Pay As You Can And Like” basis.

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