With pleasure I would like you to explain how we can regain our freedom. There are two simple steps we need to make.

Firstly there must be certainty for everybody. Sufficient means of existance for everyone that will be coming from all of us as collective. It means that we will share the fruits that the earth brings in a fair way between everyone. For the current generation and all the ones that will follow. See it as a dividend form the earth. An Earth(ly) Dividend. In short ED and a friend for everyone.

Secondly there needs to be a direct democracy. It is also the only form of democracy. All other forms are unsuited and underdone. The way to establish this is to form a Citizens Assembly by sortition that have a full mandate to legislative power. For matters of difficulty there will be the help of panels. They will work on those issues together with wise selected people and give a feedback to the Citizens Assembly. If needs be a well established referendum can confirm the outcome and give in this way a signature from the people.

Our movement, you can call it a “temporary party”, will try by engaging the election to push the current politics into a corner. To decimate to a minority. In the end to a minority of zero. We will say no in principle to all proposal. The only way to have our support is following our principle of Citizens Assemblies.

The outcome will be that the current parliamentary political party representation will disappear. Politics are being cancelled. Citizens Assemblies are making policy and honest and good administrators will be responsible for the realization of this policy.

In this way people will put themselves in their strength and in the centre. The rest is a logical consequence from it. It will bring a development in motion that moves to a honest and peaceful civilization.

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